The challenges of reaching the Bar

‘My cerebral palsy may affect my speech and mobility, but it won’t stop me becoming a barrister’

Daniel Holt, a member of the “Legally Disabled?” Research Reference Group is the subject of an article in Legal Cheek, discussing his determination to reach the Bar.

A tricky journey to embark on regardless, Daniel also faces barriers and negative attitudes from those who don’t understand how the ‘normal’ processes of training and working as a Barrister can be adjusted to create inclusion for him. One only needs to glance through the comment thread beneath the article to gain a sense of the unfair and prejudiced attitudes that exist towards disabled.

Nonetheless, Daniel explained to us how he has received a huge amount of support and positivity from people along the way and does not let negative comments deter him. No doubt, it will be a real game changer when Daniel secures pupillage and then moves on to progress his career as a Barrister.

You can also view recent coverage of Daniel’s experience on BBC online.